Rockin' Layers
So good it will make you spit your dip out!!!
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A little bit about Rockin' Layers...

As a child, store bought cakes were not an option in our home. I was one of 5 children and our mom made all of our celebration cakes. She would ask what we would like for our cake and she would accommodate our requests. I specifically remember a clown cake. I LOVED that cake. Not that I particularly liked clowns, but because it was exactly as I had wanted it. It wasn't perfect, but I didn't want perfect. I wanted a cake made for ME by my mom and that's what I got . To me, that was the BEST CAKE EVER!

As I got older and had a child of my own and his first birthday was coming around, I didn't think twice. I made his cake. It was a cookie monster cake and I was so absolutely proud of it. The years after that were very busy years and store bought cakes became a regular birthday tradition. There were times when a mom-made cake was requested and granted. I would fuss over the details and getting it "perfect". I would look over at my son and his little face would be gleaming with pride with the progress of his special cake.

As the family grew and nieces and nephews were added to the family, home baked cakes became a family tradition. Phone calls would be made, supplies would be sought after, and everyone would have their own special cake for their special day.

As requests for special cakes started to go beyond the family and close friends, my hobby turned into a business. I decided that I needed to come up with a name. My husband and I started tossing around ideas for a name. We both know that music is very important to me, in fact he requests that I listen to my iPod when I'm working on a cake. It's been said that I'm much happier, less stressed and, if possible, even more creative when I'm rocking out. And that's how we came up with "Rockin' Layers".